Challenge Day 2017 is coming! December 7, 2017 to BHS

 Days are powerful, high energy programs in which youth and adult participants are guided through a series of experiential learning experiences. The overall goals of the program are to increase personal power and self esteem, to shift dangerous peer pressure to positive peer support and to eliminate the acceptability of teasing, violence and all forms of oppression. Challenge Days are designed to unite the members of the school and to carry the themes of the program back to the greater school population. 

When: December 7th
Location: BHS Gym
Who:YOU!! Any grade 9-12 student who has not participated before! 
What time: 7:55-2:35.
What else: excused absence, we don't cry all day, fun games, new friendships and a way to get involved in a movement to improve your school climate


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