Thursday, April 13, 2017

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

BHS Standardized Testing Schedule Spring 2017

April 5th- State required SAT  (for all Juniors)
  • BHS gym at 7:45 am (NOT at St. Anselm this year)
  • All juniors are required to complete the exam on this day
  • Students with accommodations will test in the Mini Gym
  • There will be a short snack break provided by us
  • After the test ends (around 12:30am) juniors can all leave BHS, you will not see them for block 4
  • There is NO need for them to bring a backpack that day!
May 3rd & 4th- Science NECAP
  • All juniors test together in the BHS gym 
  • Begins first thing in the morning
  • Wednesday the 3rd will take place 1st block-Advisory
  • Thursday the 4th will run through blocks 1 & 2 (snack provided)
  • Students do NOT go home afterwards
May- AP & IB terminus courses
  • All tests will take place at Saint Elizabeth Seton Church Activity Center on Meetinghouse Rd.
  • AP tests take precedence over all other standardized tests. Any exam conflicts need to be discussed in advance with the test coordinator.
  • AP tests are the first two weeks of the month (1st-12th)
  • IB tests are the first three weeks of the month (they even have a test over April break!)
  • Most tests will begin at 8:00am or at noon- all students must attend BHS classes that day

Thursday, February 4, 2016

BHS Course Selection Presentation

CLICK HERE for the BHS Course Selection Presentation.  At the end of the presentation is a video demonstrating the registration process.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

IMPORTANT Reminders to Seniors: Letters of Rec and Application Types

Seniors:  This is a friendly reminder that when you request a letter of recommendation, please allow a minimum of two weeks notice before your deadline.

In Naviance when selecting your "application type" (ED, EA, RD, etc.), please double check the deadlines for each college.  Some colleges do not have EA and therefore naviance will not supply a deadline date if you inadvertently chose that option.

Monday, April 20, 2015

College and Scholarship Application Paperwork


Please remember all college and scholarship application paperwork must be submitted to Mrs. Farrar in the Counseling Office at LEAST 2 weeks prior to your deadlines!

As you receive your acceptance letters, please provide a copy to the Counseling Center.